nearby-tours-with-low-fareIn the heart of Lycia Patara is best known for its beach, eighteen kilometers of soft white sand, backed by majestic dunes and in recent years the winner of a    "best beach in the world" survey in the Sunday Times.
Evidence of its former glories as the principal port for Lycia and an important Roman town can be seen at the extensive site, still not fully excavated.

Here too stood the Hellenistic oracle of Apollo , thought to rival that at Delphi and a further claim of Patara's fame is as the birthplace of the fourth century St. Nicolas , the original Santa Claus.

Patara beach should not be missed with its gorgeous landscape and great swimming. It is a national park and home to many birds, also the breeding ground of the endangered Loggerhead turtle.



nearby-tours-with-low-fareBilled as the most amazing, beautiful and spectacular club in the world (or at least the Mediterranean), Halikarnas is a massive outdoor disco surrounded by pillars and palm trees. Each night has something new and surprising in store, from dancing girls in spangly costumes to hard house, garage and techno from some of the world’s leading DJs. This venue also boasts some of the best in lighting technology, including three big lasers and 24 robot lights, creating a non-stop visual show with the added bonus of a 25 metre-high fountain in the centre.

Outdoor clubbing is a breath of fresh air if you are used to hot, sweaty clubs. Here under the stars, some of the world’s top DJs play alongside local Turkish talent to keep you dancing all night. The bars up on the terraces provide stunning views of the bay as the sun goes down (and of the lasers after dark).


nearby-tours-with-low-fareSet against a backdrop of pine clad hills, Marmaris is a resort that combines natural beauty with an astounding zest for life. Famed for its nightlife, the most extravagant on the entire South coast, this developed resort offers the best of both worlds; the nightlife is unending, and numerous clubs and bars stretch along the coast from the elegant marina to the curve of Icmeler, the smaller resort close by. On the other hand, the surrounding countryside offers a succession of scenic roads leading to beautiful beaches.







nearby-tours-with-low-fareSarigerme is closely situated to Dalaman International Airport It is the site of the ancient city of Physilis. This city is now buried under the shifting sands. Sarigerme is the name given to the coast near the village of Osmaniye, 850 metres inland from the shore. The name Sarigerme is linked to the Sarıçay stream that divides Osmaniye and the coast. The Sarıcay was once used as the transportation route for timber that was brought from the forest to the sea. To prevent the timber from escaping into the sea the stream’s outlet into the ocean was closed during times of timber transportation. Thus the name ‘Germe’,which means tightening or fencing.
Sarigerme, with its long coastline, fine sands and backdrop of pine trees, shallow sea and the island of Babaada not too far in the distance, is truly a perfect holiday haven.

Services such as food and drink outlets , showers , toilets , beach chairs, umbrellas and dressing cabins , as well as a dinghy service across the water to Osmaniye, are all available. There is a small charge at the entrance, which goes towards the upkeep and services for the beach .The island of Babaada, situated right off the coast, is the place where boats and yachts playing between Marmaris and Gocek moor regularly. If you are confident, it is possible to swim to the island and later climb to the top and have a bird’s eye view of the beautiful scenery surrounding you



nearby-tours-with-low-fareGocek coves and the 12 islands are a hidden paradise, with clean Mediterranean water, green pine forests and beautiful beaches. Sailing among the islands, the tour stops in bays where you can sunbathe, swim and snorkel . You will also visit sunken baths where Cleopatra is rumored to have swam with her lover, Anthony and also see the ancient boatyard of the Ottomans.








nearby-tours-with-low-fareSee the breathtaking natural beauty of Oludeniz. A long crescent-shaped swathe of coarse white sand and shingle beach sweeps around the bay separating the open sea from the crystal-clear, cobalt blue waters of the lagoon. Experience the unforgettable atmosphere walking through the largest and best preserved ghost town in all of Asia minor – Kayakoy. Fethiye is an excellent place to shop for your holiday souvenirs and gifts. Fethiye-Oludeniz was chosen by the Times and Guardian newspapers in 2007 as the best tourism centre in the world.












nearby-tours-with-low-fareMarvel at Ephesus; one of the great outdoor museums of the world. A religious centre of early Christianity, you can visit the home where the Virgin Mary spent her last days. You can also see the ruins of the temple of Artemis, one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient world.


Pamukkale means ‘cotton castles’ and is named for the unique white rock formations of terraces with hot thermal waters in which you can bathe.





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